Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Web Browsers for Farmville 2 Facebook Game

Farmville 2 will run best with these browsers given that you meet the Recommended System PC Requirements for playing this game.

  1. Maxthon
    • You can download Maxthon here:
    •  Farmville 2 runs fast on this browser
    • Noticeable Features:
      •   You can run farmville 2 game on a separate window especially on maximized mode. This will be useful if you don't want to play the game in fullscreen mode but just want to have a large view for your farm. Also, your game will not be disabled if there's a popup window like requests window or post notification.
      • Has the least farmville 2 game crash experience that means this is the most stable web browser for farmville 2
  2. Chrome
  3. Firefox

Alternatively, you can also try these web browsers:
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Safari